Pandit Shambunath Shukla University

Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh

Pandit Shambunath Shukla University is the leading educational institution in the Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. It is well known for spearheading the cause of education in Shahdol ever since 1956 when it was started as a small college on the banks of the Murna River. Since then, it has always remained true to its dedication to the pursuit of excellence and recently got the recognition of a University in 2016.
We have remained true to the principles of Pandit Shambunath Shukla who lead a true philanthropic life which he dedicated for the betterment of the society and the nation. Our strong belief in using education as a tool to bring about a social and economic reformation of the nation has enabled us to commit ourselves relentlessly to the propagation of quality education.


To enable Young Scholars with an eclectic, multi-skilled education granting holistic development for a dynamic role in social transformation by providing quality education and value-based knowledge.


Endeavour to bring the quality and skilled education of the educationally and economically weaker tribal aspirants at an affordable cost.



All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, is an age-old adage. Here, we believe in promoting sports and extra-curricular activities as a crucial part of a student’s life and educational curriculum. We strongly foresee sports as an activity that keeps one healthy both physically as well as emotionally while building leadership, sportsmanship and competitive skills. We currently have a 1240 meter sports facility and are rapidly headed towards building a world-class sports facility in our upcoming campus. Our students have proven their mettle in a number of state and national level sports events.



Pandit Shambunath Shukla University presently has 33 laboratories to cater to research, teaching and consultancy activities for various departments such as chemistry, physics, botany, and zoology. The labs are so built so as to encourage students to experiment freely and put their theoretical knowledge to practice. They are equipped with all requisite instruments and facilities to foster the development of students at par with global standards.



In an educational institution, libraries are the hub of academic life. The libraries of Pandit Shambunath Shukla University presently is well packed with about a lakh textbooks, research journals, magazines, periodicals and reference materials for advanced research and development work. It is regularly updated to include newer journals and reference materials so that students are kept abreast of the latest in scientific developments and technology. We envision to expand our library further in our upcoming campus with complete automation and digitization to create a state-of-the-art reading facility with Online Public Access Catalog, tele & video conferencing facilities and an online database.

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Pandit Shambunath Shukla University is committed to creating future entrepreneurs and leaders who would bring about a positive transformation in the society through the power of education.

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